Open Letter to North American Women

Dear North American Woman,

I’ve been thinking about women’s panty drawers a lot lately. I know that might sound a littler peculiar, but it’s actually pretty normal for me.

As you know, I run Panty By Post, and this means your lingerie is always on my mind.

Do you think about your lingerie?

I’ve researched the topic of lingerie for years and I find it illuminating. I don’t believe that fashion is frivolous, but rather I believe it is defining and very interesting.

Let me ask you a question: When you think of French fashion and lingerie do you imagine quality, beauty, detail and style?

Of course you do!

The dream of Panty by Post has always been about bringing the experience of France to women all over the world in a little package every month.

I’m amazed by how many women outside of la belle France don’t seem to understand the power of lingerie and suffer with ugly big panties because they choose comfort over beauty. Oh my! It doesn’t have to be that way!

Women in France have panties for different occasions. They understand that they cannot wear the same clothes to the office as they do to their evening tete-a-tete with their lover. Why not apply this same practice to your underpinnings?

I understand the trials of finding the perfect panty, ones that hug my curves, look good by themselves or under clothes and that last a long time!

I also understand how busy women are, but it’s not ok to sacrifice beauty for practicality. We can have it all. Sometimes the small details are defining. We all understand that good shoes tell a story, this is also the case with your underpinnings.

You must dress for your life! It’s not about impressing a man it’s about taking pride in your appearance.

French women understand this from a young age, they understand that dressing with style is about self respect and also revealing your personality. Clothing is not a superficial pursuit, it is the way we share our spark! It is how we play and enjoy life!

North American women have two kinds of panties in their drawers. They have basics (mostly seamless or thongs for the gym) and fancier ones with a bit of lace.

Sound familiar?

What they are missing is the exceptional panties, the super special ones that are an essential part of a woman’s collection.

They are her luxury premium panties. These are the knickers made for warm summer nights and breezy silk dresses; chic evenings ending with a flute of champagne and dark chocolate; it is the lingerie for memorable moments.

The dream of France is not just about the place, it’s about the feeling. It’s this kind of sentiment we need to carry over into our fashion and into our lingerie. You don’t need to travel to Paris to capture the joie de vie of the French. Of course, if you do travel to France, don’t forget all your fancy panties.

I’m on a mission to change the panty drawers of North American women. I want to bring the experience of France directly to your door.

So, I’ve decided to offer something I’ve never offered before!

To make sure these luxury premium panties are available to every woman in North America, I’m personally offering you a full year of our Premium Luxe panties (our truly exceptional panties) for the same price as our Signature Line.

I want you to have that lingerie for memorable moments and I don’t want there to be anything holding you back.

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