Underwear Subscriptions for Women

1. Top notch products. We never compromise on quality and that makes us unique in the underwear subscription space. We’ve built our brand on premium products, brands we trust and believe in. We know you can go to a big box store and stock up on basics but we also know our customers. Our clients love something special and want their purchases to last. That’s how we shop for Panty by Post inventory.

2. Convenience and surprise. These two elements are why our underwear subscription service rules your panty drawer! Getting our branded package every month, is like Christmas in July! Everyone likes treats and why not make it happen for yourself. Embrace a little fanciful delight and for about as much as your Netflix subscription.

3. Incredible customer service. We will answer your email within an hour, your call within minutes and do whatever we can to make your life easier. Watch us go the extra mile to help you find the perfect gift for your best friend or tailor your subscription to your specific needs. We even made personal deliveries one Valentines’ Day. Imagine that!

Interested in learning more about the business of subscription commerce. Read about our CEO Natalie Grunberg here.

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