5 Incredibly Useful Tips from Working Moms

At Panty by Post we understand you’re one busy lady! Juggling kids, home and work is no easy task. We asked some friends and customers for their mothering secrets and advice.

From Sarah Edmonson

1. Hiring a house cleaner for at least once a week and ideally an part time assistant to help with some of the little things that are time consuming but can be done by someone for aprox 15/hour, so you can have more time for the kids.

2. From Karen Bannister

Learn to let go. Learn to say no. Learn to live within the boundaries and space of your schedule, and your abilities. Maybe that means paying for someone to clean your house, or more daycare. Maybe that means saying no to a big client because the project doesn’t support your values and family commitments. Learn to do this without saying, “I’m not good enough.” Or, “But I need to be it all.” Truly amazing people aren’t good at everything … they do a few things with a whole lot of heart and soul … and energy. And they are good at asking for help 🙂

3. From Serene Ho

Especially because I work from home, it is important for me to set a schedule for myself so that I have time set aside for work, and also time set aside for family. Not always easy to adhere to, but definitely good to have a plan, so that I get reminded that I need to peel myself away from the computer and go to the kids! When I am with the kids, I do my best to tune out from work and listen and be present with them. It makes a lot of difference and means a lot to them!

4. From Deb Stern, Occupational Therapist

Plan meals in advance and create a standard weekly grocery order that you have delivered! Get the kids clothes/lunches/snacks ready the night before to reduce the stress of the morning rush. Having your own clothes picked out the night before helps lots too! Lastly, have a large family calendar posted on the wall and write in important dates from iPhone/smart phone calendars so everyone can see what’s coming re appointments, social events, play dates, school projects, holidays…, so that it is both parents and kids shared responsibility to see what’s coming and coordinate/plan accordingly.

5. From Angela Willard

Include your children in your work, or something that looks like that based on their age (playchores!) Traditional cultures, prior to the industrial revolution, always included the young ones in the daily tasks, this was their form of education!

Be present. The more distracted you seem by your work when your children need you, the more urgently they will need you! When your child needs you, stop what you’re doing, address the moment with your full presence, and notice how it fills your little one up in so that you can both return to your mission feeling loved and secure.

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