5 Ways to Feel Confident Right now

1. Stand strong! There is research to show that the way you carry yourself actually brings you more confidence. We all know this instinctively because we can recognize that commanding people also take up space. We’re not suggesting you take over the board room but take a cue from many of your male counterparts and don’t excuse yourself for existing.

2. Dress the part. You don’t need to spend lots of dough to dress confidenty. All we’re suggesting is no matter what your job currently is, CEO of a big company or CFO of your household, make sure you put on a power suit every day. Putting together a uniform helps you get into battle mode. From your pop socks, adorable panty by post panties, right down to your blouse and pumps. Wear it with pride. You don’t need to waste your child’s university savings plan to dress for success, just pick a few outfits and mix and match. Pick quality over disposable fashion, choosing classic looks and solid basics. To change it up, splurge on a new necklace or a colorful set of shoes that makes your outfit pop. Here’s our favorite line of jewelry that you can dress up or down.

3. Avoid negative forces. Being positive is not always easy but we have a choice in the matter. Try to choose the light and that means mixing with people that have great energy and want to share the good they have to offer. Stay away from people who drain your energy,  it will help you continue on your path to being your most confident self. You are much better off spending time with people who believe in you then negative Nancy’s.

4. Love your body. Learning to shift your body image is a practice. Take up yoga and let all the positive messages are acceptance really sink in. Battle all the forces on the outside that want to keep you questioning your value. Take a break from fashion magazines and celebrity news, and focus on what’s inside. Also take stock of how amazing your body is! If you’ve ever sprained your ankle or broken your arm, you know how hard it is to do the things you love when your body is compromised.

5. Reprogram what is means to fail. Learning to fall is a part of life. It’s the stories we tell ourselves about our slip ups that define how we recover. No one is perfect and if you haven’t experienced life’s scrapes and bruises, well then you just haven’t lived. Rethink failure. Let yourself wallow for a few days but then decide to move on with your newly discovered life lesson. You don’t get old and wise by playing it safe.

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