What the heck is a brazillian panty anyway?

Our team of expert stylists at PantybyPost.com believe knickers are more then just a bare necessity. Here’s the low down:


Bikini & Brief:

For most ladies this is their go-to style and with good reason. Their higher cut rise is great for lounging around in your yoga pants and with just the right amount of coverage for a flowing skirt or dress for Sunday brunch. This traditional cut is easygoing and comfortable, just like the women who chose to wear them.


Boy Shorts & Hipsters:

Boy shorts and hipsters are a must have for every woman. It’s a comfy, casual, and still cute option when you want to look good without all the frills. While most may reserve these for inside the house you can most certainly rock them in your day to day . You’re an outgoing exciting, yet low-key girl. If you ever think they aren’t sexy enough I encourage you to think of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City or Cameron Diaz’s goofy dance scene in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.



These sexy panties are definitely underrated. Cheekier than the boy short but with the same level of comfort- we like to call that a win. They aren’t as shocking as a thong but not to worry because they are equally as sexy. You know that less isn’t always more and many men and women find this style even sexier than thongs or g-strings. This is perfect for the multi-tasking woman; you get all the freedom and support while looking like an absolute bombshell.



Slightly more material than the G-string, the thong has all the same benefits. Confident sexy women that love to show off their body often wear these. You’re a versatile woman and these panties can take you from the office to the dance floor. They are the remedy for visible panty line.



It takes a brave woman to rock the G-string on a regular basis. Many women immediate think of dental floss or muffin top, you know what I mean. The g-string gal is never afraid to try something new, and she’s comfortable and confident. The string is all about being proud of your killer backside.


Share your comments below. Tell us why you love string over hipster, brazillian over thong? What’s your favorite panty from our site?

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